Support to oncology wards

Support to oncology wards

The Pediatric Oncology Unit of the Policlinico Umberto I, active since 1968, was the first department established in England for the treatment of childhood cancers . Since then more than a thousand children have been treated in this structure, with the adoption of cutting-edge therapeutic schemes that have enabled extraordinary progress , thanks to which the survival of young patients with cancer has increased from 15% of the 60 to ' current 75 % .

Over time , however, increased the needs, demands and attention. The Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone offers support directly to the Pediatric Oncology Unit of the Policlinico Umberto I, which has resulted in the first instance with the purchase of machinery necessary to the department.

Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone wanted to support with particular interest the increase in technology and the expansion of the pediatric oncology ward of the Hospital Umberto I helping to maintain essential services for young patients , primarily for those who are in greatest difficulty.
The Foundation's commitment is strained to listen to the demands and needs expressed by the managers of health facilities , so that the available funds are invested in projects that bring obvious benefits for care and protection of children's health .

Protect future generations is one of the essential tasks that we need to ask at all levels , and we as a Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone feel the need to do so to this historic structure , where there are great professionals .

In the knowledge that children's health is the most valuable asset , we are already committed to promote campaigns and days of disclosure .

To this is added today the expansion of the budget of the diagnostic tools at the service of the Umberto I , a basic structure of the city of Rome, the reference point for the community.