RESEARCH GRANT: Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation – Umberto Veronesi Foundation, Rome

Fully supporting the intentions of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation has taken up cooperative efforts with the Rome chapter of said organization and, with extreme enthusiasm, has resolved upon the funding of a Research Grant for 2012.

The primary goal of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation has always been to promote scientific progress, as an irreplaceable resource factoring into the social, ethical, and civic life of every individual. This principle, which provides a basis for all of the Foundation's activities, is shared enthusiastically by many supporters and friends.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on two areas which include various projects:


  • Research - the drive behind scientific progress.

  • Popular science - the ideal means for broadening horizons and raising awareness on the importance of science for mankind.


The goal of scientific research is to improve the quality of life. Every result achieved corresponds not only to the most useful and innovative solution to a scientific question, but also to new hope for those who are suffering, or new prospects for a better life, which go on to positively impact family, work, and society in general.

Without research, scientific progress would have nothing to feed on. This is why the Umberto Veronesi Foundation invests energy and funds, and gets involved with leading scholars working on significant projects that can open doors for the future. It supports some of the most avant-garde projects and offers research grants to young doctors and scientists by developing annual selections