DONATIONS of medical equipment to major Italian pediatric wards

 "Each donation is important to improve the hospitalization of young patients.".

Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone Onlus constantly donates a portion of its funds to purchase medical equipment reported as required by Foundraiser of the main Italian pediatric medical centers.
Specifically, Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone Onlus constantly evaluates the purchase proposals for:

  • Medical electrical equipment and accessories (substantially all of the electrical devices used for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, support, rehabilitation)

  • Laboratory equipment and related accessories used to carry out chemical tests

  • Devices for bioimaging and related accessories biomedical equipment

  • Computers and related peripheral devices connected to the equipment specified in points, with specific use in support of biomedical technologies.




Donations 2013
At the Department of Pediatric Oncology Department of Umberto I portable ultrasound
Donations 2012
At the Department of Dialysis, Children's Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome Philips M4735A Defibrillator Heartstream XL
Donations 2011
At the Department of Neonatology of the Hospital S. John Calibita Fatebenefratelli, Tiber Island in Rome Equipment Otoport Screener