Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation through Rock No War! prepares the donation for the School of Ain Ebel (Lebanon)

Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation through Rock No War! prepares the donation for the School of Ain Ebel (Lebanon)

The 2017 is opened by the Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation with happy meeting on February 2, with Dr. George Amadessi, President of the association Rock No War!

ROCK NO WAR! NGO is an association of active volunteer for many years in terms of international solidarity, which aims to bring practical help and joy, where wars or underdevelopment and poverty have created pain anywhere in the world, without distinction of race, religion or political faith, and with particular attention to childhood and the most forgotten areas of the world. 

In this sense, coordinates and funds a number of projects, with the additional contribution of the police who always provide their support and their presence, the administrations that granting their patronage, the volunteers with their work, the mass media for visibility and media coverage in the area. In recent years ROCK NO WAR! NPO has grown a lot in terms of image and popularity, and has maintained the simple and flexible structure that allows you to organize large events without ever losing sight of the projects it has decided to fund, by going directly on-site where work was finished, to inaugurate it and assess that everything went according to predictions.

Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation has been happily married for the year 2017 one of the projects proposed by non-profit organization, with the purpose of donating the computing and technological equipment needed at a very special school in Lebanon, the school of Ain Ebel.

In the deep south of Lebanon, Ain Ebel, a few kilometers from the border with Israel, a religious order of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Sister Josephine Nasr, he fights his "battle" to give peace of mind and safety to young pupils his school, teaching them respect for others and for diversity. First Religious Diversity, because among the 800 students of the College of Saint Joseph, there are students Shiites and Christians, mainly greek-Catholic rite. A Ain Ebel, between the southern mountains, comes to us as a volunteer, one year after the end of the conflict with the neighboring Jewish state, to take over the school which is attended by pupils of all ages (from kindergarten to high school). "During those terrible 33 days of the conflict, in 2006, this school was badly damaged." Since 2007, Sister Josephine has volunteered with the 'objective to bring back the smile to the pupils at the school, located in a very poor area of ​​the country. After the war, wealthy families have left the region. Ain Ebel is located a few kilometers from Beint Jbail, where summer of 2006 the Israeli army suffered a major setback. Even Ain Ebel, was besieged for 16 days and Sister Josephine has been waiting for the kids to school with a smile. One way to reassure the younger pupils and to return them the desire to play, forgetting those moments. To attend the pews of St. Joseph, the students come from 19 nearby villages. The only Christian villages are four, Rumaysh, Yaroun (where there are, however, Muslims), Debel and al Qawzah

But in the pews sectarian differences are not noticed, the classes accommodate about thirty students, and the faculty is made up of 76 teachers, four of which are religious. Pupils study Arabic, French and English. The institute is partly private, partly being funded by the state. Since the end of the conflict, however, they did not receive any subsidy from the state. "The most beautiful things there are in this school are the result of donations," he explains. As the library put on thanks to a project of CIMIC (civil-military cooperation) of the Italian contingent of UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon. "Italy has helped us so much. And we are very grateful for that."

Sister Josephine, studied pedagogy at the University of Beirut, but is native to the Bekaa. He took the vows just 16 years. Since then he has not stopped to take care of his Lebanon. Lebanon which says that Christians must not go away, " 'cause are the roots of this country." There is a message of great hope and faith in his words and even of respect for all faiths. Even with Hezbollah, he says, we have good relations. And indeed, they support us in our activities. "Yet the fear that at any moment everything can precipitate and 'always present. Especially in neighboring Syria." If Assad were to leave power, for us would be the end. The Christians of Lebanon are very afraid that the situation will escalate. "For now, though, after six years and many efforts, the children of the Saint Joseph smile. (ANSAmed).

And hopefully we can certainly benefit from the wonderful initiative that Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation through Rock No War will make it effective: give the school a number of key equipment for education and teaching.

Ginevra Caltagirone Foundation will provide 21 complete workstations computer and a digital whiteboard. New languages ​​for innovating teaching.

In March 2017, the material has already been supplied to the Italian Army who will handle the transfer. Pending the establishment of the time and manner for delivery / donation to the school of Sister Josephine.