Funded the renovation project of the Department of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome

At the end of May, Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone, has expressed its willingness to finance a major renovation project on the pediatric intensive care unit of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.


Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone has officially communicated to the Policlinico Umberto I its financial commitment to the project of renovation of the pediatric intensive care unit by a resolution of reimbursement up to an amount of Euro 80,000.00 of the charge relating to the project, to be paid proportionally to work progress certificates.


One of the most important projects for Fondazione Ginevra Caltagirone and in anticipation of what foundation is keeping close relations both with Dr. Dominic Alessio, director general of the Policlinico Umberto I, and with Prof. Corrado Moretti, director of the Pediatric Department .


The renovation project aims to combine the highest level of service that has characterized the department with a recovery building and systems environments.


The project has already been approved by the Directorate of the Department of Pediatrics involves moving the department in the former pediatric surgery to allow for the expansion of health care to semi-intensive; to date, unfortunately, the ICU is locked in its 70 square meters in a basement and the hospital is forced to accept the young patients and their families without proper dignity and adequate privacy.